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For the first time ever, travelers will be able to book a flight to their dream destination with the option to instantly book a connecting boat holiday., the leading global boat rental platform, has partnered with SunExpress, a leading European holiday carrier, to cross-offer flight and boat deals to their customers. Basically, SunExpress flies you to the most beautiful sailing destinations and Zizoo provides the boat. This new partnership is the first of its kind and promises an exciting opportunity for all customers.

Starting from February 2015, all passengers on SunExpress flights to Turkey will be able to book a boat vacation alongside their flight ticket. Zizoo’s boats will be bookable directly through the official SunExpress website. The companies are planning to extend the availability of combined trips to most of Zizoo´s European destinations in the upcoming months. Offers in Croatia, Greece and Spain will soon be made available. So you can be floating along crystal clear water and taking in the warm summer sun before you know it!

Zizoo, an Axel Springer Plug and Play portfolio company, continued its strong growth in 2015 and has positioned itself at the forefront of the fast emerging online boat rental industry. Their exciting new partnership with the holiday-flight specialist airline SunExpress, a joint venture of Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, offers accessible, easy and safe boat holidays to its customers, the majority of which fly from Western Europe to Mediterranean Sea destinations such as Turkey, Greece, Croatia or Spain.

This business partnership was designed to promote boating holidays in the online travel industry, but also to help travelers organise their dream summer holiday experience in a more convenient way. This will be a great opportunity for those travelers who want to save time and money while booking their holiday. Furthermore, to make the boating experience more simple and fun, flight passengers will soon be able to rent boats for their holidays through the in-flight entertainment system while they’re on their way to their summer destination.

“Our partnership with SunExpress will help travelers plan their summer holidays in a more enjoyable way,” says Anna Banicevic, CEO of Zizoo. “They’ll be able to book their flight and boat trip all in one place. This is just one step forward on our mission to make user experience with boat rentals as seamless as it is with other pillars in the travel sector. We want to make boat holidays standard in the travel industry and one of the ways to get closer to that goal is to merge with flight search engines, the same way hotels and car rental companies are already doing it.”

Sailing holidays are currently the fastest growing global travel trend, with an estimated 130 million people engaging in recreational sailing in Europe and the US alone each year. As a global boat rental platform, Zizoo connects holidaymakers with charter companies. Their inventory includes over 5.000 boats in more than 200 locations across 25 countries from around the world. Germany, Europe´s largest sailing nation, will be the main target of Zizoo and SunExpress’ cooperation.

As on, all the elements of an easy boat booking, such as standardized boat descriptions, messaging and payment types, are provided on SunExpress’ site. Customers can book their desired boats and dates without needing any previous experience or licenses, while the company´s customer service team is there to guarantee professional service, simplicity and safety.

The cooperation was facilitated by Lufthansa Innovation Hub, which connected Zizoo and SunExpress. Zizoo´s management and their team, now based in Berlin, Germany and Vienna, Austria, have been growing rapidly with a mission to bring the large boat rental industry into the digital era. Opening a new year with this exciting news, the Zizoo team aims to continue writing successful pages in the book of their journey.




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