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Eco-Friendly Products and Fashion Sailors Will Love
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Eco-Friendly Products and Fashion Sailors Will Love

In celebration of Earth Day 2017, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite eco-friendly products and fashion sailors will love to use while on their next sailing holiday. From ocean-friendly sportswear to sustainable sunglasses, you’ll probably want to add some of these items to your boat trip packing list: Eco-Friendly Products […]

Tuscany is not only known for its idyllic countryside, but also for its beautiful islands and beaches.
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La Dolce Vita – Sailing Holidays in Tuscany

While most people think of green, rolling hills, Cyprus tree-lined roads, sun-drenched vineyards and rustic villas when they hear “Tuscany”, we can’t help but dream about the beautiful Tyrrhenian Sea that graces the Tuscan coast. As our yacht fleet in Tuscany continues to grow, we’d like you to get to know […]

Shirley Robertson winning the gold medal in Sydney. Photo: CNN
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Famous Female Sailors: Part II

In continuing Part I of Famous Women Sailors You Should Know, we invite you to read more about some of the world’s most influential and inspirational female sailors who have pushed the limits and accomplished feats some thought were impossible. From the youngest female circumnavigators to Olympic athletes, we’re happy […]

The Oceanis 48 is an ideal yacht for extended boat holidays. Photo credit @Beneteau.
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Oceanis Yacht Charters: Travel in Style and Comfort

Oceanis yacht charters provide an incredible sailing experience, making them one of the most sought after cruising vessels for sailing holidays. Learn about Bénéteau, a leading boat manufacturer, and their Oceanis line, one of the company’s most successful ranges of sailboats which have won over yachtsmen the world over. Oceanis Yacht Charters by Bénéteau Oceanis […]